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Looking Within marries the technological feats of radiology to the human side of medicine. Dr. Cullen Ruff offers insight into the miracles of modern radiology while emphasizing the patient-physician relationship, even when patient and physician may have never met. What is striking is that for all of our advances in the field of imaging, it is the patient-physician partnership that Ruff highlights and explores. A must read for patients and physicians alike.

Susan Ascher, MD

 Professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine, co-author of MRI of the Abdomen and Pelvis and Pocket Radiologist Gynecologic Top 100 Diagnoses

Radiology is among the most distant and pitiless of medical specialties, where the body is exposed to the cold eye of technology in both astonishing and terrifying ways. But in 

Looking Within,  Dr. Cullen Ruff refuses to stop at the images on the screen, and instead sees through them to the profound human stories they tell.  Compelling, compassionate, honest, and wise.

Frank Huyler MD

Author of The Blood of Strangers, The Laws of Invisible Things, and Right of Thirst

In Looking Within, Dr. Cullen Ruff illuminates the breadth and power of medical imaging as a diagnostic tool--and he goes beyond that to help us experience its beauty and poignancy. Radiology plays a vital and increasingly pervasive role in modern medicine, yet its practitioners continue to reside mostly in the shadows, and their work remains hidden. By sharing his experiences Ruff brings the field, and the reader, out of the dark. A remarkable book.

Carolyn Jourdan

Five-time Wall Street Journal best-selling author of medical memoir and biography, including Medicine Men

Looking Within is a memorable voyage into the mysteries of medicine. Radiologist Dr. Cullen Ruff offers us a vivid and personal experience as he shares his stories of patients and reveals the precision of a scientific mind, and the compassion of a true healer. What a lovely book.

Bob Rosen

 USA Today best-selling author of Conscious, Grounded, Just Enough Anxiety, Leading People, Global Literacies, and The Healthy Company

Dr. Ruff's book is compelling and insightful, and reflects his outstanding career as a radiologist physician. I urge everyone, physicians and the public alike, to read this brilliant work.

Jim Borgstede MD

 Past President and Chairman of the Board of the American College of Radiology

Touching and memorable. Geared toward a non-medical audience, interesting for anyone.

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